Truth Kult: Slot Overview

New or unconventional groupings aren’t always cults. Nolimit City’s evil online slot True Kult doesn’t mince words. Seriously, the game sheet tells it all. Liberate your mind, body, and soul from daily existence and rebirth into the True Kult. Waiting for what? Join us. Awaiting eternal bliss. Nothing evil there, right?

True Kult’s base game isn’t very evil at first. A wooden game grid is buried in grass with posies and pebbles. Tru Kult isn’t as scary as Blood & Shadow or as cartoonish as Book of Shadows. This is more like a group that seems harmless on the outside, spreading a positive message before turning the mental screws, increasing the psychological pressure, and brainwashing until, by the end, a regular seeker has become a raving naked fanatic twisting chicken heads at midnight in a henge. Or anything overblown. The music is perfect again, speeding from the gradual aural base game burn to added intensity in The Seance to metal meets The Omen in The Sacrifice bonus round.

Unsettling is True Kult’s ‘Extreme’ volatility rating from its creator, which is 10 out of 10. The game’s default RTP is 96.06%, or 96.14% with xBet. Base bets range from 20 p/c to £/€100, and xBet triples the amount. 4 times more likely to trigger The Seance and 6 times more likely to trigger Sacrifice Spins with xBet. The sixth reel of a 6-reel, 3-row gaming panel locks the standard game, giving 243 ways to win. Unlocking it increases the number to 729. However, splitting symbols creates more methods.

Low card symbols T, L, V, K (a homage to black metal), and A are joined by five high-paying Devotee symbols. A 5 OAK of type victory pays 1-1.25x the lows and 1.5-4x the Devotees. A 6-symbol winning hit on the sixth reel gives 1.5-2.5x for cards and 2.75 to 5 times the stake for Devotees. As seen in the features section, wilds arrive at various turns. Wilds can substitute paying symbols.

True Kult: Slot Features

True Kult adds Baptism of Fire, scatters, True Believer Wilds, Tarot Multipliers, The Seance, Sacrifice Spins, and the Nolimit Bonus.

Baptism by Fire

These stacked symbols reveal a high-paying Devotee symbol or basic game scatter symbol. Bonus rounds may reveal Skull Wilds.


Scatter symbols appear on reels 2–5. Landing 2 scatter symbols unlocks reel 6, increasing win chances to 729. The Seance and Sacrifice bonus modes are activated by 3 and 4 scatter symbols, respectively. The Sacrifice extra mode activates with a scatter on reel 6 during The Seance.

True Believer Wilds

You must unlock reel 6 to activate the 3-stacked True Believer symbol. A True Believer symbol randomly turns reels 2-5 low pay card symbols into wilds. Devotee icons will replace True Believer marks.

Tarot Multiplier

Only when the sixth reel is open do Tarot Multiplier symbols activate. Tarot symbols show a Devotee sign with x5–x99 ways multiplier. These multipliers are accumulated in bonus modes if not used after landing. During The Sacrifice bonus mode, the multiplier sticks.

The Seance

Three stray symbols activate 7 free spins in The Seance bonus mode. At round start, 3 All Seeing Eye frames are active. Each spin, they randomly travel across reels 2-5 and split any symbol that lands within a frame. This bonus keeps the sixth reel open with True Believer symbols and Tarot multipliers. Tarot Multiplier symbols become Devotee symbols with multipliers. Unused multipliers are kept for the following symbol landing. Once on reels, the multiplier is gone. The highest Tarot Multiplier will be gathered and the multiplier count updated if an extra one lands and exposes the same Devotee sign. How many of that symbol can the Tarot Multiplier upgrade? Skull Wild symbols provide free spins and All Seeing Eye frames. A Skull sign in a frame becomes a double wild but does not give an All Seeing Eye.

Lose Spins

Four scatters trigger 10 free spins in The Sacrifice bonus mode. This round follows much of The Seance, with a few deviations. This feature starts with 4 All-Seeing Eye frames instead of 3. Once again, the sixth reel starts with True Believers and Tarot Multipliers. The symbol multiplier will be sticky and transferred to the reels when the symbol lands for the rest of the round.

No-limit Bonus

Players may buy 7 free spins in The Seance bonus mode for 68 times the stake (RTP 96.19%) or 10 in The Sacrifice bonus mode for 400 times the bet (RTP 96.3%) from the Nolimit Bonus. The third choice is a 234x bet fortunate draw with a 50/50 probability of triggering either bonus mode (RTP 96.32%).

True Kult: Slot Results

Thematically, True Kult is smart. It doesn’t show horrific cult rituals or anything to startle. It slowly creeps under the skin as the game is exposed. A slow drip of strangeness, resembling a cult environment, may lead consumers to become unconscious of the circumstance before it’s too late. True Kult has great animation, odd cult imagery, and a hint of darkness. Maybe not as dark as Serial, Mental, Disturbed, or certain NLC Westerns, but there are moments. One big win roundup.

As we know from earlier Nolimit City games, the gameplay may be entertaining but also difficult. Bonus modes may not be abundant, but they’re hardly Halley’s Comet either, with a free spins hit frequency of 1 in 219. Interesting how near and far the two bonus modes are owing to their variances. An additional beginning frame. Stickiness of the symbol multiplier is the other difference, possibly the biggest. Tarot Multipliers were easily thrown into the reels when the corresponding symbol landed, but they were discarded without a win. Reusing multipliers until the round ends is convenient.

True Kult might be all-or-nothing in a risky slot. From a boring base game to exciting bonus rounds with split symbols and multipliers, and everything in between. True Kult wasn’t Nolimit City’s best game or its greatest bet at 23,237x, but the studio mixed old, modern, and bizarre in a novel way.






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