Overview of the Treasure Nile Progressive Game

Enjoy a journey down Africa’s longest river as you begin on a Nile adventure with the progressive slot machine Treasure Nile. This 5-reel, 9-payline slot machine is rather unique in that it provides players only a single wager amount with which to play for the incredible Treasure Nile progressive jackpot, a jackpot from which players have won an average of $100,000 and a record-breaking amount of over $500,000. The Treasure Nile progressive slot machine not only grants players access to the incredible Treasure Nile progressive jackpot, but also provides them with additional winning opportunities by allowing them to choose between Standard and Expert Modes.



In this Treasure Nile progressive slot review, we break down the various ways that players can win big, examine some of the incredible features, including Standard and Expert modes, and offer players some Treasure Nile winning strategies. If you like this review of the Treasure Nile progressive online slot machine, be sure to visit our top-rated casino of the month and take a trip down this famous river.


Explore the appeal of this slot machine with an Egyptian theme

Discover how to win the incredible Treasure Nile progressive jackpot.

Start playing this leading online slot machine immediately. Boxout 2: Money, Two Incredible Jackpots


Win big with Treasure Nile’s standard and progressive jackpots.


Two Ways to Play Casino


Explore Basic and Advanced modes


Nine methods to win chips


Look for Big payments


Two jackpots are offered

Simple to master Many game modes

Unique symbols Cons


Few added benefits

Limited betting options

There is no free play.

Huge capital necessary

Major Treasure Nile Progression Features Examined


A surprisingly straightforward slot machine with a limited number of engaging added features

While composing this evaluation of the Treasure Nile progressive slot machine, the adage “less is more” was continually on my mind. While some players may not enjoy the Treasure Nile Progressive online slot’s lack of extra features, the game’s simplicity does not significantly diminish its overall attractiveness. Microgaming has done an excellent job of blending the few features with the opportunity to win not one but two incredible jackpots.


During conventional play, players can win on any spin by matching at least two symbols on the first two reels, but the entire potential of this slot machine is only revealed when playing the 9-payline version. This gives players the opportunity to win large if they land five wilds, signified by the Pyramid/sunset symbol, which delivers an instant win via the fixed jackpot. In addition, players can utilize the fantastic Expert mode, which activates the Treasure Nile Progressive slot’s Autoplay function. You can sit back and watch the winnings roll in, or you can choose to play in conventional mode.


The possibility of winning one of two Treasure Nile jackpots kept me returning for more.

The Treasure Nile Progressive slot machine offers various possibilities to win large thanks to the inclusion of two types of jackpots in an otherwise simple machine. The first jackpot, the regular jackpot, is won by landing five scarab beetles across all five reels while wagering the maximum amount. The scarab also functions as a multiplier, therefore triggering this jackpot can result in an instant payout of up to 50 times the total bet stake, depending on the number of symbols that appear on the reels during that spin. Similar to other Microgaming slots, the scatter symbol pays out regardless of its position on the reels, making it one of the simplest ways to win on the market.


Moving on to the more thrilling Treasure Nile Progressive jackpot, players have a chance to win huge merely by satisfying the simple slot machine’s win requirements. In contrast to other games where the progressive prize is awarded at random, the Treasure Nile progressive jackpot required players to land five King Tut symbols on the ninth payline. Although difficult, the incredible payout potential more than compensates for the difficulty of landing these symbols on this reel. The progressive jackpot sum is prominently displayed above the slot machines, and winning the jackpot resets the pot to an incredible $40,000, so your chances of winning large are not affected by another player’s success.


The progressive slot machine Treasure Nile functions well on mobile cellphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Because to its simple gameplay, the Treasure Nile Progressive slot not only runs flawlessly on desktop PCs, but also provides mobile smartphone and tablet players with a flawless experience on the small screen. This is excellent news for gamers who enjoy using the Treasure Nile Progressive Slot Expert Mode, which permits Autoplay on both the mobile and desktop versions of the game. This makes it simple for players to keep track on the ever-increasing progressive jackpot sum, ensuring that those seeking a large payout are never far from the wheels.


This Nile-themed slot is definitely worth your time due to its enticing visuals and prizes.

This simple slot machine is well worth your time and money since it provides players with high-quality visuals while they spin for the chance to win a massive progressive jackpot from Treasure Nile. While we would have preferred more diverse betting options, or any betting options at all, this disadvantage is more than offset by the opportunity to win potentially life-changing sums of money. In addition, the easy gameplay plays smoothly on all versions of the game, making mobile play of the Treasure Nile progressive slot machine a pleasure when we did not have access to the desktop version.


Take a Journey Down the Nile and Win the Jackpot Twice!

The Treasure Nile progressive slot is not for every player, as it requires a somewhat larger bankroll to be successful. But, for players who can afford several spins at the maximum bet, the Treasure Nile progressive slot gives enough opportunities to win big to make it well worth their time.






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